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How to choose used video production equipment?

This is the question majority of our clients ask. How to minimize risks when buying video gear: projector, camera, or spare lenses? These are complicated technological equipment, with high grade optics. Any scratch or damage could cost a lot, if we don’t know where to check before the purchase.

Some  tips could be useful in choosing the correct used video production gear for your needs.

Ask where the gear was used before.

Knowing the history of a particular used item always makes sence. Ask the owner where and how he used his gear. From the answer, you will understand more about the unit you consider to buy.

Working hours make a good job.

Working hours on the unit would not always tell you the truth, but it is definitely a useful piece of information. Sum it up with the owner’s answer on the above question, and you will get a better idea on the purchase. Remember, however, that the condition of the unit depends much more on the maintenance rather than on the amount of use.

Anything else?

Of course. There are other moments to consider, depending on the type of the gear. Therefore, take care to find a reliable vendor to deal with.

Choose a right partner.

Buy from a reliable owner or professional broeker. Consider the information given about the units. Ask as much as you need to understand if it is your choice.

What to start from?

Browse our extensive online Video & LED Screens Catalogue to see the general offer.

For a specific demand, choose a subcategory on the right side menu.

Find many offers of cameras, video monitors, projector screens, video walls and LED video displays.

Choose among numerous video projectors, and don’t forget about lenses.

Go to servers, switchers and mixers to complete your professional set. Check the parts and accessories subcategory to make sure you have got everything you need.

Did not find what you need?

10K Used Gear professional team is always here to help.
Send us an inquiry or email to [email protected], and our team will do their best to satisfy your specific demand.

Want to sell your used professional video gear?

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