Adamson Y10/MDC3 Package (16)


For sale a used Adamson Y10 / MDC3 Package (16). Price shown is for the complete package and all is in good condition.

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Used Adamson Y10 / MDC3 Line Array Package.

  • Good condition
  • Price is for package

Package includes:

  • 16 x Adamson Y10 – Kevlar drivers
  • 8 x Dollies on wheels + covers
  • 2 x Bumpers
  • 2 x Junction bars
  • 4 x MDC3 + covers
  • 2 x LAB Gruppen FP3400 amps
  • 2 x LAB Gruppen FP6400 amps
  • 2 x LAB Gruppen FP7000 amps
  • 1 x XTA DP226 processor
  • 1 x XTA DP224 processor
  • 2 x Adamson Y Axis series connector plates
  • 2 x Flightcases
  • The set is supplied with spare accessories (bars, aero pins,)

Adamson Y10

Adamson Y10 Loudspeaker System

Manufacturer's Description

Adamson Y10 is a loudspeaker system employing a single Adamson mid/high Co-Linear drive module.

Adamson Y10

Main features and specification for Adamson Y10:
  • Adamson Co-Linear Drive Module
  • Two Adamson ND10-L 10” Kevlar Neodymium LF Drivers
  • One Adamson YX9 9” Kevlar MF Driver
  • One 1.5” exit HF Compression Driver
  • Aluminum Dolly Board
  • Proprietary Stainless/Aluminum Slide Hinge Rigging
  • The Y10 is the highest fidelity, mid-size 3-way line array in it’s class, and fulfils a need for a more versatile and scalable HIGH power line array.
  • Employing a single Adamson mid/high Co-Linear drive module.
The Adamson drive module has a co-axial entrance and a co-linear exit comprised of a high frequency sound chamber mounted within a mid frequency sound chamber. The drive module is powered by a proprietary 9” Kevlar mid and a single 1.5” 4” diaphragm HF compression driver. Together, the drive module and trapezoidal cabinet design create a smooth, slightly curved, seamless wave front with no gaps between cabinets. The Y-Axis series are the only line arrays that can create slightly curved iso-phase sound sources in the high and mid frequency sections - delivering a single uniform wavefront of mid and high frequency sound. Mid lobing, comb filtering and time-smear are virtually eliminated, giving the Adamson Y-Axis line array unrivaled sonic accuracy. The Y10 - features Adamson’s light weight ND10-L 10” Kevlar, neodymium drivers. The Y10 has a defined coverage pattern of 100°-6dB / 90 °-3dB by 5 degrees. The vertical coverage is determined by the number of cabinets added to the array. Did not find what you need? Send us an enquiry _______________________________
Glossary: Adamson Y-10, Adamson Y 10


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