BSS DPR404 4 Channel


For sale used BSS DPR404 4 Channel Compressors that are in good, working condition and the price shown is per piece.

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Used BSS DPR404 4 Channel Compressor.

  • In good, working condition
  • Price shown is per piece





BSS DPR404 Quad Compressor/De-Esser


Manufacturer's Description

The BSS DPR404 Quad Compressor/De-Esser is a 4 channel compressor with high frequency de-essing. The unit features electronically balanced inputs and outputs.

BSS DPR404 Quad Compressor/De-Esser each channel includes:

  • Threshold control
  • Below threshold metering
  • Ratio control
  • A gain reduction meter
  • A clip LED
  • Gain control
  • Linking
  • High frequency de-esser.
Attack and release time constants are automatically and continually regulated by dynamic and harmonic content of program material. The DPR-404 is a compact and professional four channel compressor and deesser. Based on the well established BSS subtractive gain reduction principle, it offers you four independent channels of high quality, musical compression and high frequency de-essing, with the minimum of operator controls. Designed to be quick and easy to operate by both skilled and novice engineers alike, it makes a compact economical alternative to the fully featured DPR-402 model. The DPR-404 is the natural complement to the well established DPR-402 unit and will find many applications within professional audio where ease of operation is considered important along with lower cost without sacrifice to quality and musicality. Some of the important features to be found on each channel of the DPR-404 are: • 30dB of gain reduction using BSS proprietary subtractive approach. • Fully adjustable soft knee ratio up to 20:1 hard limit. • Automatic adjustment of time constants with two user definable ranges. • Output gain adjustment control with LED clip indicator. BSS proprietary activity meter showing below threshold signal level, gain reduction and usable range. • Bypass in/out switching with LED indicator. Independent high frequency deesser threshold control and tuneable filter allows selective de-essing simultaneously with compression. • Twin LEDs show de-ess activity. • Link switching allows adjacent channels to be linked for accurate stereo working. • One DPR-404 can be selected to process two stereo channels, or one stereo channel and two independent mono channels, or four independent mono channels. • Compressor side chain insert on rear panel 1/4" RTS jack. • Electronically balanced inputs and outputs with optional transformer balancing. The DPR-404 audio inputs are RFI filtered and electronically balanced, with the outputs electronically balanced and floating. They are designed to operate at any signal level up to +20dBu and will drive into loads of 600 ohms or greater. They will be ‘fuss free’, regardless of your installation’s complexity. Note that pin 1 of the input XLR is not connected to ground.

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