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We have for sale used Crest Audio CA6, 2 x 600W Amplifiers, these are all in good condition and the price shown is per amplifier.

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Used Crest Audio CA6, 2 x 600W Amplifiers.

  • Good condition
  • Price above is per amp





Crest Audio - CA Series Power Amplifiers

Crest Audio - CA Series Power AmplifiersCrest Audio CA Series Power Amplifiers

Manufacturer's Description

The Crest Audio CA Series is based on the same advanced circuit topologies that have made Crest amplifiers the choice of touring professionals worldwide. Crest Audio CA Series amplifiers are designed for high operating efficiency and accurate sonic performance across the full audio bandwidth, even under stressful conditions. In order to maintain strict quality assurance standards, all CA Series amplifiers are built in Crest’s state-of the-art USA manufacturing facility. Internal components are the finest available, and key sub-assemblies are pre-tested before final assembly. Finally, each amplifier is “burned in” and thoroughly tested (using precision audio test equipment) before shipping. In addition, all CA Series amplifiers incorporate Crest’s exclusive TourClass protection features to safeguard both internal circuitry and connected loudspeakers. This proven combination of advanced design, quality construction, and comprehensive circuit protection is your guarantee of fail-safe reliability. You can depend on consistent, stable performance even when your CA Series amplifier is subjected to punishing extremes in the most demanding fixed or mobile sound reinforcement applications.

Models Crest Audio CA2, CA4, CA6, CA9, CA12, CA18

  • Rack Mounting Ears - Two front panel mounting holes are provided on each mounting ear
  • Fan Outlet Grills - CA Series amplifiers are cooled by two, rear-mounted fans. Cool air flows over the heat sinks and exhausts through the front grills. Make sure these outlets remain clear to allow unrestricted air flow
  • AC Power Switch/Circuit Breaker - CA Series amplifiers have a front-panel combination AC switch and circuit breaker. (No fuses are used.) If the switch shuts off during normal use, push it back to the “ON” position once. If it will not stay on, the amplifier needs servicing
  • Signal LED - Illuminates to indicate that a signal (above a minimum threshold) is present at the amplifier input, and that the signal is being amplified
  • Clip LED - Illuminates at the clipping threshold. Continuous illumination also indicates that ACL (Active Clip Limiting) protection circuitry is engaged
  • Active LED - Indicates that AC power is connected and the amplifier is turned on
  • Protect LED - Indicates that the channel is in Protect mode (speakers disconnected by output relay)
  • Input Attenuators - Two input attenuators adjust level for their respective amplifier channels. In Bridged Mono Mode, both attenuators are used to control signal level and must be adjusted to the same setting

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    I want to buy a good amplifier Crest Audio CA 6

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