Crest Audio X-Eight (X8)

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Crest Audio X-Eight (X8)

Crest Audio X-Eight (X8) consoles are lean, clean, and uncompromisingly professional, ideally suited to permanent installation or touring.

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Crest Audio X-Eight (X8)

Main features and specification for Crest Audio X-Eight (X8):

  • Exceptional input flexibility, including XLR, balanced 1/4″ and RCA connectors on all stereo inputs
  • Multiple outputs, including Alternate Output and dedicated Assistive Listening Output. All primary outputs are balanced
  • Four band EQ on all inputs (including stereo) with Sweepable mid bands
  • Sweepable High Pass Filter on all mono mic inputs
  • Eight Auxiliary Sends, with Aux 5/6 and Aux 7/8 switchable for stereo operation
  • Discrete bus assignment
  • True LCR panning on Mono inputs
  • Dedicated Mono mode
  • Connectors on Mono and Stereo input modules for remote on/off
  • Meter bridge standard: eleven mechanical meters (Groups, Left, Right, Center/Mono and Solo) with solidstate illumination

A high-end console is outside the budget, but a cookie-cutter, mass market console is out of the question. If that’s your dilemma, Crest has an elegant new solution: X-Eight. Channel for channel, these consoles deliver true value. Maintaining Crest’s industry-leading quality and performance standards, X-Eight includes features that were either optional in previous consoles, or not available at all.

X-Eight consoles may be configured in a variety of frame sizes for applications ranging from regional touring sound and corporate conventions to live theater production, to larger houses of worship, and major sports facilities.

X-Eight-RT (Recording/Theater) and X-Eight-HS (House/Stage) are professional quality, lower cost consoles designed specifically for professional sound contracting, rental, and installed sound customers. Incorporating the same high-quality circuits and components for which mixing consoles from Crest Audio have become famous.

Integrating two unique feature sets, X-Eight offers an easily affordable, yet higher quality alternative to the melange of one-size-fits-all consoles commonly specified today. Both X-Eight versions have identical input channel strips, but differ in their respective Group/Master sections. The X-Eight-RT includes features specifically matched to recording live performances as well as for theatrical applications, while the X-Eight-HS is a dual-function design equipped for Front-Of-House (FOH) and/or stage monitor duties. By combining a streamlined application-specific feature set with high-quality circuit design and construction, X-Eight offers an uncompromisingly professional console at a refreshingly moderate price.

Two Different Group/Master Options

Crest Audio X-Eight embodies a unique response to the increasing specialization in contemporary performance audio. Quite simply, no single console design can possibly satisfy the full range of requirements without suffering from unnecessary complexity or unreasonable costs. That’s why the X-Eight offers two entirely different Group/Master module combinations. The X-Eight-RT version includes Tape Monitor inputs and individual Group Output controls that work separately from the Group faders. These features provide optimum facilities for theatrical special effects, for generating a separate broadcast mix, or for live performance recording and overdubbing with two separate stereo headphone mixes.

The X-Eight-HS version includes five-band output EQ and Group/ Aux fader reverse facility. HS therefore easily doubles as a monitor mixer, since it can generate eight discrete monitor mixes (each
with output EQ), plus four additional matrixed outputs for custom monitor mixes derived from Group, Left, Right, Mono and dedicated external input (which can be from the direct out of an input channel). Output EQ also makes the X-Eight-HS ideal for use with the new generation of powered speaker systems.

Professional Features for Today’s Requirements

The X-Eight was designed following hundreds of hours of consultation with audio professionals around the world including touring sound mixers, installation contractors, and theatrical sound designers. The result is a feature set that goes well beyond what you might expect at the modest price of either version of the X-Eight.

Designed for Veterans and Rookies Alike

In many performance audio applications – community theaters and houses of worship, for example – the same audio console is used by people with vastly different levels of technical expertise. The console might be set up and programmed by an expert technician, but then used on a daily basis by operators with less technical training. This reality can create problems, and the X-Eight addresses them directly. For example, switches needed only for “off line” console configuration are recessed to prevent inadvertent use. A clean, logical surface layout makes it easy to identify key controls and follow the signal path. Also, the input level indicators have yellow LEDs for signal present (sustained level too low), with green LEDs indicating ideal signal range.

Microprocessor-Controlled MIDI Mute System

The X-Eight’s straightforward Microprocessor-Controlled MIDI Mute System provides a maximum amount of muting flexibility with ease of operation. Eight manual mute groups are provided, each with a dedicated activation switch on the Master panel. Any number of manual groups may be active at once, except when the system is placed in “Last Pressed” (interlock) mode. In addition, the system includes 128 MIDI-based sequential scene mutes which can work alone or in conjunction with the manual mute groups, local mute buttons, or both. Scene mutes can be controlled by external MIDI signals, and each of the 128 mute scenes may be preset to issue a MIDI program change command to external effects or lighting devices.

Sound Fundamentals

The sonic performance of the X-Eight is sure to please discriminating audience members, even when the console is pushed hard in demanding applications. To maintain high headroom with low noise, X-Eight circuits employ only the latest generation of integrated circuit (IC) devices running on 19V rails. Microphone preamplifiers are a proprietary discrete design utilizing multiple transistors for extended headroom and lower noise. In the Crest tradition, phase shift has received special attention. X-Eight consoles exhibit no more than +/-30 degrees of shift from input to output, which is significantly better than consoles costing considerably more. To help keep outside interference to a minimum, the X-Eight has separate ground-compensated insert sends and balanced returns.

Wide Range of Configurations

All X-Eight consoles are available in 24+4, 32+4, 40+4 input channel versions, and frames may be short-loaded (in four input channel blocks) for future expansion. Basic configuration for all consoles includes Master and Group modules (either RT or HS), plus four stereo input modules which can serve as effects returns. All other inputs may be ordered as mono-mic/line or stereo-line in four channel blocks. This flexibility allows end users to have the “custom tailored” features of a high-priced console, yet still realize the substantial cost savings of the X-Eight.

Built to Defy Murphy’s Law

X-Eight consoles are constructed to the same exacting standards as all other Crest Audio products. For impact resistance and serviceability, each input channel has its own discrete, vertically-mounted circuit board. For greater strength and integrity, all circuit boards are the plate-through glass epoxy type, not phenolic. The external frame is fabricated from 14-gauge steel to survive the rigors of the road.

Crest’s amplifier engineers designed the X-Eight’s power supply to deliver stable voltages and exceptional long-term reliability, wherever you are in the world. Should worse come to worst, built-in
facilities for a redundant back-up supply ensure that the show will go on.

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Glossary: Crest Audio X Eight, Crest Audio X8, Crest Audio X-8

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