DataVideo MS1000 VIdeo Mixer


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DataVideo - MS1000 Mobile Video Studio

DataVideo MS1000 Mobile Video Studio

Manufacturer's Description

The Datavideo MS1000 is a one box solution designed around the SE-1000 6 Channel HD / SD Vision Switcher. The MS-1000 system provides the option to work in Standard Definition or full High Definition.
The MS1000 features 6 inputs (5 HD/SD SDI and 1 DVI/RGB) and 3 HD/SD SDI outputs, RS-422 control, Ethernet connectivity and a built in, 10-bit, 6 Channel Frame Synchronizer that synchronizes all inputs without the need for Genlock (external Genlock synchronization also available). To assist the producer during any live events, the SE-1000 also features 6 built in HD-SDI to HD-Y:U:V, SD-Y:U:V and Composite format converters, enabling loop through of each input for real time monitoring during production. The MS-1000 is a HD & SD solution for users that require a flexible but at the same time affordable solution, perfect for applications within education, places of worship, internet streaming, event & live staging, conferences and many more. The whole system is fully integrated with the ITC-100 for talkback / intercom, 2 x TLM-433 monitor banks and the TLM-170 main output monitor. The MS-1000 is the ultimate HD & SD Mobile Video Studio, a true one box solution for "Live In Seconds" with easy setup and break down on any location.

Features of the DataVideo MS1000:

  • One Box Solution
  • Live In Minutes
Video Connections
  • 5 x HD-SDI/SD-SDI Inputs
  • 1 x DVI
  • 3 x HD-SDI/SD-SDI Outputs
  • Y:U:V Program Output
Complete Mobile Video Studio designed around the SE-1000 comprises: SE-1000 Mixer / Switcher 2 x TLM-433 3 x 4.3" for Source Monitoring 1 x TLM-170MD for Program Output Monitoring ITC-100/6 8 Channel Intercom/Talk-Back System inc 6 ITC-100 SL Belt Packs & 20m Cables PD-1 Power Distribution System TB-10 Tally Control Box RP-11, 7 x RP-12, RP-14, RP-20, RP-21, RP-22, RP-24 rear/patch panels Installed, Configured, Set-up & tested in a Heavy Duty 12U

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