d&b audiotechnik D12

d&b audiotechnik D12

d&b audiotechnik D12 is a 3 RU, two channel amplifier delivering medium to high power into low impedance loads between 4 and 16 ohms.

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d&b audiotechnik D12

Main features and specification for d&b audiotechnik D12 Dual channel amplifier:

  • Maximum output power 2 x 1200 W into 4 Ω

Digital Signal Processing

  • Equalizer: 4-band PEQ/Notch
  • Latency analog and digital inputs: 0.3 msec.
  • Delay setting: 0.3 – 340 msec. with 0.1 msec. detents
  • Configurations: current d&b loudspeakers and linear mode
  • Function switches: d&b loudspeaker specific circuits
  • Frequency generator: Pink noise or Sine wave
  • Sampling rate: 96 kHz/27 Bit ADC/24 Bit DAC

Controls and indicators

  • Power: Mains power switch
  • Scroll/Edit: Digital rotary encoder
  • Display: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)/120 x 32 pixel
  • ISP, GR, OVL A/B: LED indicators


  • INPUT ANALOG (A1, A2)” 3 pin XLR female
  • ANALOG LINK (A1, A2): 3 pin XLR male
  • INPUT DIGITAL (D1, D2): 3 pin XLR female AES 3
  • DIGITAL LINK (Output): 3 pin XLR male
  • Sampling rate: 48 kHz/96 kHz
  • OUT CHANNEL A/B: NL4; optional EP5/NL8
  • REMOTE: 2 x RJ 45 parallel, CAN-Bus
  • SERVICE: SUB-D9 female
  • Mains connector: powerCON® 1

Data (linear setting with subsonic filter) for d&b audiotechnik D12

  • S/N ratio (unweighted, RMS): > 110 dBr
  • Rated output power (THD + N < 0.5%, both channels driven):
    CF = 6 dB at 4 / 8 ohms: 2 x 1200 / 750 W
    CF = 12 dB at 4 / 8 ohms: 2 x 1600 / 800 W

Power supply

  • Autosensing switch mode power supply for: 115/230 V, 50 – 60 Hz; optional 100/200 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Dimensions / weight

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 3 RU x 19” x 353 mm/13.9”
  • Weight: 13 kg / 28.7 lb

d&b audiotechnik D12 contains setups for all d&b loudspeakers and a linear mode. The signal delay capability enables user to apply definable settings of up to 340 msec (=100 m/328.1 ft) independently to each channel. The same applies to the 4-band parametric equalizer. It provides optional boost/cut or notch filtering.

d&b D12 incorporates a digital rotary encoder and a LCD display to configure the amplifier.

The D12 utilizes an autosensing switch mode power supply for mains voltages 120 V/230 V, 50 – 60 Hz (optional 100/200V). The D12 amplifier incorporates d&b SenseDrive for accurate control of LF drivers in d&b loudspeakers driven in 2-Way Active mode or in actively driven d&b subwoofers.

When the d&b D12 is fitted with EP5 connectors and appropriate 5 wire cabling, it can use d&b SenseDrive. It results in an extremely precise bass performance even at high levels.

NL4 and NL8 connector options are also available.

RJ 45 connectors enable access to the Remote network via CAN-Bus. d&b System check verifies that the system performs within a predefined condition. Also d&b Load monitoring enables an automatic and continuous impedance monitoring. Both can determine the status of an LF or HF driver in systems with multiple elements, even if these are crossed over passively.

d&b audiotechnik D12 is ideally suited for use in both mobile and installation environments.

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Glossary: d&b d12, d&b D 12, d&b D-12, dbaudio d12


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