d&b Audiotechnik F2 Package (2)


For sale a used d&b Audiotechnik F2 Loudspeaker Package in excellent condition and price is for the complete package.

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4 in stock


Used d&b Audiotechnik F2 Loudspeaker Package.

  • Price is for package
  • Excellent condition


  • 2 x F2 d&b Audiotechnik – loudspeaker CACOM
  • 2 x Soft cover F2
  • 1 x Set cables CA-COM
  • 2 x F2-CO d&b Audiotechnik – control unit CACOM
  • 1 x Touring rack – brown diamond, wheels





d&b audiotechnik F2


Manufacturer's Description

The d&b audiotechnik F2 Loudspeaker is an actively driven 2-way full-range loudspeaker for a wide range of applications.

d&b audiotechnik F2

d&b F2 actively driven 2-way full-range loudspeaker

  • constructed from Marine plywood
  • coated with an impact resistant paint
  • recessed handles and rigging stud plates
  • rigid steel grill with an acoustically transparent foam cover
  • optional protective transport cover
  • heavy duty wheels on the back panel
  • M10 threaded inserts for attaching safeties and additional rigging
  • frequency response extending from 80 Hz to over 16 kHz
  • can be used on its own for speech and vocal reinforcement
  • adding active subwoofers, B2-SUB or cv-sub's extends the capability of the F2 system to high level music reinforcement
  • relatively narrow dispersion and concentrated directively of the F2 is a result of using horn loaded 12" drivers to cover the mid range
  • directivity is well maintained towards the low end of the cabinets response - 90degrees at 600 Hz and 60 degrees for 800 Hz upwards
  • high SPL capability of the F2 design makes it suitable for use in larger venues to cover distances to 30m and beyond
d&b audiotechnik F2 is an actively driven, 2-way full range loudspeaker which uses a pair of 12'' LF/mid range drivers and a 2'' HF compression driver in a horn loaded cabinet. The HF driver is coupled to a 60 x 40 degree (h x v) constant directivity (CD) horn. Did not find what you need? Send us an enquiry

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