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Never been used (except to test when we made this add) found at the back of our warehouse, but in brand new condition in original packaging for a steal!

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Elektralite - Paintcan Lighting Fixture

Elektralite Paintcan Lighting Fixture

Manufacturer's Description

The Elektralite - Paintcan Lighting Fixture is an affordable colour-changing fixture that allows anyone to, literally 'paint with light'. Weighing only 20lb (9kg), the PaintCan is small enough to fit inside a 12" x 12" truss or hang side by side on a six-lamp bar. Equipped with either the economical GLA or GLC 3200K lamp, the Elektralite - Paintcan Lighting Fixture is able to output an infinite selection of colours using its full CMY mixing system or super-saturated Red, Green and Blue from its separate bi-directional wheel. PaintCan's electronic zoom is able to project a beam of 20° to 40° - the extra wide angle being especially useful when fixtures are placed "close-up" - with a separate break-up frost filter offering further beam manipulation. Light output is controlled accurately and smoothly using its on-board electronic dimming function and cooling is organised by either of three fan settings for quiet operation.

Features for the Elektralite Paintcan:

  • Operation mode is by DMX 512 utilizing (8 channels).
  • colors: 1 color wheel with 3 dichrioc filters plus CT to 5600ºK, White and rainbow effect.
  • Strobe: via color wheel’s closed and open position being utilized.
  • Dimmer : in built electronic fully adjustable from 0% to 100% Advanced Cyan Magenta and Yellow color mixing system .
  • Auto-program: 8 preprograms can be selected
  • Display: can be inverted (180)° when Paintcan is hung upside down.
  • Local or remote resetting of motors
  • Auto test for all functions
  • Value of each DMX-channel can be displayed

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Cardboard – Original

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