Element Labs Stealth

Element Labs Stealth

Element Labs Stealth is a modular LED display product that allows for full motion video to be displayed on high resolution STEALTH panels.

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Element Labs Stealth

Main features and specification for Element Labs Stealth:

  • Pixel pitch: 25 mm
  • Color depth: 48-bit/pixel
  • Light output: 2,400 nits (average), 3,600 nits (max)
  • Transparency: 60% (aperture ratio)
  • Panel color: Black or white
  • Power consumption: 70W/panel
  • Length: 398.5 mm (15.69 in.)
  • Width: 38.5 mm (1.52 in.)
  • Height: 400.0 mm (15.75 in.)
  • Weight 1.0 kg (2.20 lbs.)

Cost-effective, quick to assemble and to tear down, the lightweight, transparent Element Labs STEALTH system is comprised of modular tiles. Robust yet lightweight, STEALTH tiles can be combined into extremely large displays – whether flat or curved, horizontal or vertical. Minimal framework provides an entire structure with virtual transparency. The STEALTH video display has been proven in both temporary and permanent installations, including concert tours, architectural installations, film and television sets, and events.

The STEALTH panels are lightweight and rapidly deployable. A nearly 60 percent transparent design makes it easy for set pieces or even other display devices toremain visible behind it allowing for a number of different creative effects.

STEALTH is comprised of the following hardware components:

  • VP1 – Video Processing Unit
  • SP1 – Signal Processing Unit
  • DD1 – Data Distribution Unit
  • PDB-3 – Power and Data Distribution
  • DSU – Data Supply Unit
  • STEALTH Panel

The STEALTH system is capable of handling many types of video signals including:

  • DVI
  • SD-SDI
  • HD-SDI (limited resolution, see
  • Component
  • S-Video
  • Composite

The VP1 takes one of the above signals and converts it to the proper format for input to the SP1. The SP1 requires a 1024×768 Digital Visual Interface (DVI) signal at 60 Hz with high (+) or low (-) vertical sync. If you already have a properly formatted DVI signal for the SP1 (1024×768 @ 60 Hz), you do not need the VP1.

The SP1 has 2 fiber optic outputs each with a resolution of 1024×256 pixels. One or both SP1 outputs are connected to the DD1. The DD1’s job is to slice up the signal into 400×80 pixel chunks which are then routed to the individual STEALTH panels via the PDB-3.

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