ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ 26°

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We have for sale used ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ Lighting Fixtures, these are all in good condition and the price shown is per single fixture.

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13 in stock


ETC Source Four LED Lustr+ Lighting Fixture.

  • Good condition
  • Price above is per piece
  • Used
  • Also available in 36 degrees.







ETC Source Four LED series


Manufacturer's Description

ETC Source Four LED luminaires are versatile, theater-quality LED lighting fixtures which produce the most beautiful light possible from LED source. We offer for sale a wide range of used ETC Source Four LED units. Find more in Fixed Conventional & LED section.

ETC Source Four LED Lustr+

  • mixing capabilities of the x7 Color System to offer the most flexible range of color
  • high-intensity whites to soft tints
  • supple, vibrant colors
  • achieves theater-worthy color rendering
  • can smoothly transition from one color to another on the fly, vary the feeling of a scene, or go bold with effects
  • produces an adjustable white light that flatters any skin tone, in person or on screen

ETC Source Four LED Tungsten

  • creates stunning warm-spectrum white light with a 3000K color temperature
  • high-light-volume, low-energy fixtures replicate the light of conventional tungsten sources
  • require less power to run
  • can be a stand-in for or used alongside tungsten units for large quantities of rich, warm white light

ETC Source Four LED Daylight

feature 60 cool-white LED emitters with a 5600K color temperature emulate natural daylight high-efficiency LEDs output large quantities of cool-spectrum white light while drawing less power than HMI fixtures create pure white light that beautifully illuminates skin tones or highlights architectural features

ETC Source Four LED Studio HD

  • flicker-free mode prevents the undesirable side effects that commonly arise when using LEDs with high-speed and rolling-shutter cameras
  • no external controller required
  • with its stand-alone functions, the Studio HD is a brilliant add to your lighting kit

ETC Source Four LED CYC adapter

By removing the luminaire's lens barrel and attaching a Source Four LED CYC adapter, any Source Four LED can become a superior tool for lighting cycloramas. Source Four LED CYC adapter can simply be removed when not required, and the Source Four LED luminaire can then be put to use in any other position, on or off stage.

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