ETC Source Four PAR


We have for sale used ETC Source Four PAR Lighting Fixtures, these are all in good condition and the price shown is per fixture.

170 in stock

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170 in stock


ETC Source Four PAR Lighting Fixtures.

  • Black
  • Used
  • Good condition
  • Price above is per fixture





ETC Source Four PAR series


Manufacturer's Description

ETC Source Four PAR luminaires are distunguished with rugged die-cast aluminium construction and acclaimed Source Four optical technology. We offer for sale a wide range of used ETC Source Four PAR units. Find more in Fixed Conventional & LED section.

ETC Source Four PAR EA

ETC Source 4 PAR EA efficient lighting fixture

  • comes with a set of four snap-in lenses that mount in a cool, rotating ring
  • no more reaching into a hot can with cracked porcelain sockets
  • when you need a new lamp, just use your stock of Source Four HPLs (no need to carry a large inventory of expensive PAR64 lamps)
  • compact design
  • more units can be mounted on a pipe or fit into a truck
  • reductions in power and cable requirements
  • perfect for touring

ETC Source Four PAR MCM

ETC Source 4 PAR MCM cool beam fixture

  • cool beam for your performance environment
  • all the power of a PAR plus the cool beam of the Source Four
  • rugged, die-cast aluminum construction and acclaimed Source Four lighting technology
  • MCM stands for Metal Cold Mirror
  • unique reflector coating ensures that only light, not heat, goes out of the front of the fixture
  • ideal for orchestra lighting or other performance situations where on-stage comfort is paramount

ETC Source Four PARNel

ETC Source 4 PARNel lighting fixture

  • PAR optics with Fresnel focus
  • a genre-bender with Fresnel-like functionality and the awesome performance of a Source Four PAR
  • new category of product to the entertainment-lighting world
  • patented wave-lens design
  • easy focusing knob
  • lets you quickly access a range of 25º-45º
  • smooth, soft, symmetrical field that you can spot or flood as needed

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