Europodium HYDRAU IV

Europodium HYDRAU IV

Europodium HYDRAU IV is a professional mobile stage ideal for all kind of applications, especially events and festivals.

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Europodium HYDRAU IV

Main features and specification for Europodium HYDRAU IV:


  • Length (D) with fastener 11,30 m max.
  • Length (A) 9 m
  • Width (B) 2,50 m
  • Height (C) 3,75 m
  • Weight 3,50 T
  • Electrical road signs LED normes CE
  • Axle number 2 central
  • Max. load per axle 1800 Kg
  • Authorized gross vehicule weight 3500 Kg
  • Crossing box with key under the chassis

Stage Floor

  • Length x Depth 9 x 6,70 m
  • Stage floor height 0,90 / 1,60 m
  • Floor resistance 500 Kg / m²
  • Size 60,30 m²
  • Material Dark brown slip-proof marin plywood


  • Clearance 4 / 5 m
  • Back clearance 4 m
  • Distributed Load Capacity 800 Kg
  • Material Tarpaulin M2 PVC 650 g/m²

Wind resistance

  • Covered 72 Km / h
  • Without side tarpaulin 100 Km / h
  • Line Array Kit 250 ou 500 Kg
  • Option Electrical winchs
  • Roof opening by gas springs

The Hydrau 3 and 4 have the same manufacture as Stagecar, but at the request of professionals entertainers we have added hydraulic jacks under the frame taking off the podium at 1.50 m, a hydraulic roll clearance from the floor and a further 1 or 4 m or 5 m.

The whole structure of the roof and floor is made of aluminum (no rust). The roof is made of round tubes 50 mm in diameter that enables the projector to be hung from hooks.

The podium is completely reversible (no operation at the facility) it is equipped with a real storage compartment under the trailer and is completely sheeted when closed (equipment storage). Professional equipment for your festivals!)

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Glossary: Europodium HYDRO IV, Europodium HYDRAU 4, Europodium HYDRAU4, Europodium HYDRO4


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