High End Showgun 2.0


For sale used High End Showgun 2.0 Lighting Fixtures that are in excellent condition and have been kept very well maintained.

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19 in stock


Used High End Showgun 2.0 Lighting Fixtures.

  • Very well maintained
  • A brute of a light
  • Excellent condition

The High End Showgun 2.0 comes with:

  • A working lamp
  • Original HES flightcase
  • Safety-steel
  • Doughty Trigger clamps





High End ShowGun 2.0


Manufacturer's Description

Distinctive in design, SHOWGUN is, in essence, a very large and powerful automated light that can project images, change and mix dichroic colors, and switch from hard-edge to soft-edge all within a compact system.

High End ShowGun 2.0

SHOWGUN is High End System’s latest revolutionary automated lighting luminaire. SHOWGUN is shaping the future of lighting design using the current method of “radical rethinking” by acclaimed inventor Richard Belliveau and his talented research and development team. Every aspect of SHOWGUN has applied this central philosophy to its design, and the result is a fixture characterized by sheer power, advanced features and unmatched lighting design possibilities. SHOWGUN provides entertainment lighting design possibilities in three dimensions: first, in the air with high-energy focused or soft edge beams; second, with images projected on the stage surface, and third, at the SHOWGUN fixture itself by using an innovative LED Tracking System. A new patent pending optical design is at the forefront of the “radical rethinking.” This optical design incorporates a proprietary, optically accurate polymer microfresnel lens allowing SHOWGUN to produce a true focused hard-edge or a brilliant soft-edge combination, without the need for two separate fixture types. The true focused hard-edge allows SHOWGUN to project HES Litho images, while the soft-edge abilities exceed industry standards. Soft edge/hard edge “enabling” for SHOWGUN is easily accomplished from any lighting console. Two short arc metal halide lamp options with different color temperatures are available for SHOWGUN fixtures, both designed as a joint venture between Philips and High End Systems. The recommended MSR 2000/2 SA lamp (7,000 K) and the MSR 2000 (6,000 K) lamp both use a novel fast fit socket design that allows for a more compact reflector combination. Combining the high-performance lamp, advanced reflector and revolutionary optical design, SHOWGUN produces over 100,000 lumens of output that must be seen to be fully appreciated.

SHOWGUN’s LED Tracking System forces a double take as a unique homogenously mixed RGB LED circular array that allows the user to either match the color of the main output beam, or to project a complementary color by mixing RGB values. Producing more than 5000 lumens of output, the LED Tracking System works in tandem with SHOWGUN’s other features to redefine the rules of lighting design.

SHOWGUN is at the vanguard of today’s lighting design revolution.


  • Proprietary Short Arc Lamp and optics produce exceptional light output
  • Variable soft-edge
  • fully rotating, indexable lithos
  • Variable iris
  • Variable strobe, Electronic strobe
  • Light Burst lamp boosting
  • Zoom range from 9° – 18°
  • Remote focus
  • Full optical dimming and fade to black
  • Innovative LED Tracking Ring produces over 5000 lumens of RGB color. Homogenously mixed RGB LED circular array eliminates the multiple colored RGB look when white or mixed colors are produced.
  • Smooth CMY color mixing provides and infinite palette of color
  • Four indexing Litho/Gobo rotators
  • Black Light projection filter
  • TriColor effect supports independent color flag control
  • Tracking and Independent modes selectable via DMX
  • Optical encoders automatically correct the head’s position if manually moved


  • 420° pan and 216° tilt movement
  • Fixture Output: 100,000 Lumens
  • Auto-switching power supply
  • Large dot matrix display allows for 2 lines of text
  • 200v-240v
  • 30 DMX channels
  • DMX Connector: 5-pin XLR
  • Compliances: ETL, CE


  • Modular construction
  • Fast service design for Reflector, Condenser and Output lens
  • Electronic cooling system control
  • Stunningly fast, smooth and quiet yoke movement using proprietary multi-phase technology
  • Performance oriented exterior design prevents stray light scatter
  • Pan and tilt locks for easy transportation.

Electrical Specifications/Light Source Power Consumption: 14 Amps at 208 V, 11 Amps at 240V

Fixture Rated Power: 2800 W



Lamp source Philips MSR 2000 Philips MSR 2000/2
Color temperature 6000K 7000K
Lamp life 750 hours 750 hours
CRI >80 >80
CIE X = .320 Y = .330

Mechanical Specifications: Fixture Dimensions: mm: 596x639x959 (in: 23.5x25.2x37.8)

Road Case Dimensions: mm: 749x1200x724(in: 29.5x47.25x28.5 Fixture Weight: 63.5kg (140 lbs.) Shipping Weight (Road Case + fixture): 118 kg (260 lbs.)

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