Hungaroflash (Solaris T Light) 85KW Strobe


For sale a used Hungaroflash (Solaris T Light) Lighting Fixture in good condition and price is for 1 x Fixture and includes spare bulb and flightcase.

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Used Hungaroflash (Solaris T Light) Lighting Fixture.

  • Good Condition
  • Includes Spare Bulb And Flightcase
  • Price is for 1 x Fixture





Hungaroflash T-Light Pro 85000W strobe


Manufacturer's Description

Ideal for lightning simulation for cine industries, large concert, techno events. The main power is need to be 63A/230V or phase to phase plus ground in US.

Hungaroflash T-Light Pro 85000W strobe


To control this unit is easy for anybody. You can use the preprogrammed lightning or you can create them in T-LIGHT controller. We recorded so many waves of Thunder-lights. Small collections are in the controller. T-LIGHT is fully rain PROOF fixtures with stainless steel body. The flash length is additionally from 1/24 sec to 3 Sec.


T-LIGHT is quite small to fit a big hardshell case container. Every unit has a second flashtube, which made by latest technology in lamp manufacture. The lamp is low pressure non-explosive XENON. The T-LIGHT unit is only 44 lbs. (20 kg)

Beam angle

You can concentrate the beam in a SPOT angle or make it wider smoothly. The barn doors and color filters are possible to use it. Just tell the sizes to your local distributor, if you need.

Electronic life protection

The unit has internal mabnetic and thermal circuit breaker and residual current operated circuit breaker (FI-RELAY).

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