Klark Teknik – Square ONE range

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Klark Teknik – Square ONE range

Klark Teknik Square ONE range of audio devices is conceived by Klark Teknik to offer audio professionals a suite of  easily accessible, high-performance audio equipment, designed to provide no-compromise sonic quality with a feature set that offers all essential facilities and functions.

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Klark Teknik Square ONE Dynamics

eight-channel analogue dynamics processor
  • provides a wide variety of easy-to-use controls for precise manipulation of
  • compression parameters. These enable you to, for example, alter the character of an instrument being
  • processed or make sounds seemingly louder but without distortion. Other features include gating for creative
  • and corrective applications and channel linking for stereo or multi-channel operation

Klark Teknik Square ONE Splitter

eight-channel, active microphone (mic) splitter designed for live sound reinforcement
  • Housed in a rugged and compact 2U rack enclosure
  • cost-effective and space-effective method of providing up to 24 outputs from 8 sources
  • can also function as a 1 x 16 media splitter
  • can distribute up to eight mic or line level signals to multiple locations
  • primary application is to split the audio signals on-stage into individual feeds for front of house (FOH), monitoring (MON), multi-track recording, live broadcasting

Klark Teknik Square ONE Graphic EQ

Klark Teknik SQ1G equalizer



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