L-Acoustics SB218


L-Acoustics SB218 Price is per single sub. Sold in packages of two pieces only to include dual case. Can only be purchased with DV-Doscs, listing ltdw-68220 SB218 only available May 2019.

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50 in stock

L-Acoustics SB218


Manufacturer's Description

L-Acoustics SB218 Subwoofer is the companion subwoofer for V-DOSC or ARCS. This subwoofer features two front-loaded 18-inch transducers loaded in an optimally-sized and tuned vented enclosure.

L-Acoustics SB218

High-Power subwoofer

With power handling capacity of 1100 Wrms (4400 Wpeak) and response to 25 Hz, the L-Acoustics SB218 Subwoofer is ideal for applications requiring maximum low frequency extension and impact. The SB218 provides unparalleled low end punch and bass articulation combined with high power handling and efficiency. Due to its compact design and critically damped tuning, multiple enclosures couple effectively while providing the bass definition and musicality that only a front loaded subwoofer can provide.

Features for the L-Acoustics SB218 Subwoofer:

  • Dual 18" subwoofer enclosure
  • Front-loaded, optimized bass reflex design
  • High power handling, high efficiency, low thermal compression
  • Integral rigging for flown applications
  • Designed for touring or fixed installation
  • Reference subwoofer for V-DOSC and ARCS, compatible with all L-ACOUSTICS models
  • Signal processing via L-ACOUSTICS LLC analog controllers (MTD line) or OEM factory presets for approved digital processors (WST, XT lines)
  • Optimized for 25 - 200 Hz bandwidth
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Flightcase – Dual

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