L-Acoustics K2 Bar


We have for sale used L-Acoustics K2 Bar, Extension bar for K2-Bump, these are all in good condition and the price shown is per piece.

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4 in stock


L-Acoustics K2 Bar, Extension bar for K2-Bump.

  • Perfect condition
  • Used
  • Price above is per piece
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L-Acoustics - K Series: K2 / K1


Manufacturer's Description

L-Acoustics K Series is a range of variable curvature line sources.
K1 line source delivers an unprecedented level of performance for very large concert stadium applications and outdoor festival productions.
Packaged as a complete system for the touring market, K1 combines a quad-amplified enclosure, a new K transducer arrangement and boosted resources on the HF section.
The K1 enclosure is associated with a dedicated LF extension (K1-SB) to offer an unprecedented level of directivity control and throw at low/sub frequencies. K1 sets a new benchmark of coherence and tonal balance control over distance.
K2 offers the same pristine, powerful sonic signature as K1, in a lighter, more compact format and with 10° inter-element angles for maximum versatility.
K2 can be deployed as a complement to K1 or as a standalone system for events or installations with audiences of up to 20,000, without sacrificing power.

L-Acoustics K Series: models K2, K1

 K2 Variable curvature WST line source

  • K1 system design rescaled into a 12” compact and flexible format
  • V-DOSC SPL and bandwidth, with 10° inter-element flexibility
  • 100% acoustic and rigging compatibility with K1 and K1-SB
  • 70°/110° symmetric and 90° (L/R) asymmetric horizontal directivity
  • LA-RAK (LA8) advanced system drive and protection
  • Low-weight for rigging limitations and cost-effective logistics

K1 Large format WST Line Source

  • Large format WST Line Source
  • Exceptional SPL, LF and throw capability for stadium and outdoor festivals
  • New K transducer configuration for smooth horizontal radiation pattern
  • State of the art rigging system for laser-like accuracy and quick set-up
  • Dedicated LA-RAK K touring system package
  • New preset library for “out of the box” results and easy tuning

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