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Grand MA2 Light by MA Lighting Available in good condition. Comes with wooden crate.

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grandMA Light Lighting Console


Manufacturer's Description

The GrandMA Light is the small console that performs all of the functions of the larger Award-Winning grandMA. GrandMA Light offers less faders & touch screens, but complete functionality. It is fully compatible with grandMA and accepts all shows programmed on grandMA with a reduced hardware.
  • Requires a very small space.
  • Very bright high-resolution, full-colour TFT touch screen.
  • 2 additional external SVGA connectors.
  • Output 4 DMX universes (with 4 additional ones via EThernet), DMX in, SMPTE, MIDI, RS-232, audio input, switching analogue inputs, etc.
  • GrandMA's popular features including an internal UPS and hard drive, motorized faders for multiple programming and playback options.
  • Real-time control for up to 64 DMX universes (Expansion Mode)
  • Extensive networking functionality incl. Multi-User, Backup, Parameter Expansion, etc.
  • 2,048 HTP- or LTP-parameters (4,096 with expansion chip) in stand-alone mode
  • 10 motorized faders, 30+20 executor buttons (on 128 pages)
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) built-in
  • Same software for console compatibility
  • Completely configurable for every application: Theatre, TV, Concert Touring, Entertainment, etc.

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