Martin Audio W8LMi Loudspeakers


For sale used Martin Audio W8LMi Loudspeakers, these are in good condition and come as a package of 2 x 16deep W8LMi cabinets, fixed hanging frames and 8 x Crest CKi 1600S amplifiers.

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4 in stock


Martin Audio W8LMi Loudspeakers in good condition.

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  • Price is per package

Martin Audio W8LMi Package consists of:

  • 2 x 16deep W8LMi cabinets
  • Fixed hanging frames
  • 8 x Crest CKi 1600S amplifiers





Martin Audio W8LM

Martin Audio - W8L Series

Manufacturer's Description

Martin Audio W8L Series line arrays are next generation line array systems which combine innovative loudspeaker design techniques with line array technology to produce a family of very powerful line arrays with extended frequency response, smooth coverage and maximum dynamic impact.
The series includes:
W8L Longbow 3-way full-range line array + W8LD downfills
W8LC 3-way compact line array + W8LCD downfills
W8LM 3-way mini line array + W8LMD downfills

Martin Audio W8L Series: models W8L Longbow, W8LD, W8LC, W8LCD, W8LM, W8LMD

W8L Longbow, W8LD, W8LC & W8LCD are fully horn-loaded tri-amplified systems

All sections are 8 ohms for easy paralleling in pairs.

W8LM & W8LMD systems combine direct radiating and horn-loaded cone drivers for low and mid frequency coverage with a horn-loaded high frequency section

The system may be bi-amplified (low/mid & high) or driven using a single amplifier channel via its internal 3-way passive crossover. W8LM & W8LMD are 12 ohms for easy paralleling in threes or fours. W8L Longbow, W8LC and W8LM systems combine patentable driver loading techniques with no-compromise vertically-coupled waveguides and true constant directivity horns to achieve a level of efficiency and coverage consistency not usually found in this popular format. W8L Series horns develop low curvature vertical wavefronts for smooth, comb-free coupling at practical vertical splay angles. A feature not possible with spaced, point-source drivers. Wavefront W8L Series line arrays feature integral, quick deployment flyware systems which allow progressive curvature columns of up to 16 cabinets to be assembled. By hinging at the front rather than the rear, the rigging system minimises gaps between the acoustic elements which would otherwise interfere with the line array effect.

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