Martin LED Stagebar 54L


We have for sale used Martin LED Stagebar 54L Battens, these are all in good condition and the price shown is per single fixture.

24 in stock

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24 in stock


Used Martin LED Stagebar 54L Batten.

  • Good condition
  • Price above is per fixture





Martin - Stagebar Series


Manufacturer's Description

Martin Stagebar is a series of LED luminaires including models Stagebar 54, Stagebar 2. The Stagebar 54 is a compact, powerful LED luminaire with a comprehensive color range, all-in-one simplicity and a tough temperament for the touring market. It functions as a pixel bar for displaying imagery and video or as a wash luminaire for floodlighting surfaces and stages. With twice the lumen output and 10 times the intensity of the Stagebar 54, the Stagebar 2 is an extremely capable LED pixel bar and wash luminaire. This exceptional performance is obtained by combining the latest LED technology with an advanced lens design. The Stagebar 2 offers a wide range of shades from an RGBAW color mixing system and is useful for displaying imagery and video or for floodlighting surfaces and stages.

Martin Stagebar LED luminaires: models Stagebar 54, Stagebar 2

Stagebar 54

  • 54 LEDS in 5 colors - Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White
  • Consistent color with factory-calibrated pixels
  • Choice of lens options: 29° (standard) or opaque diffuser
  • Auto sensing SMPS for worldwide compatibility
  • Battery powered control menu for off-site set-up without power
  • Choice of DMX control modes: RGB, RGBAW, HSI, HSIC
  • All-in-one system with direct power & DMX inputs
  • Loop-through wiring of power and data to reduce cabling
  • Automatic heat management for optimum performance

Stagebar 2

  • RGBAW color mixing system for outstanding color palette
  • Factory color calibration
  • Over 3,000 lm per ft (almost 10,000 lm per meter)
  • Super high intensity and tighter beam due to advanced lens design
  • Opal diffuser lens for scenic on-camera looks
  • Quiet operation
  • Battery-powered control menu for off-site setup without power
  • Daisy chained power and data

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