Meyer Sound UM-1P / Meyer Sound UM-100P

Meyer Sound UM-1P / Meyer Sound UM-100P

Meyer Sound UM-1P and Meyer Sound UM-100P are ultra monitors for ultimate high-powered, critical monitoring.

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Meyer Sound UM-1P / Meyer Sound UM-100P

Meyer UM1P / Meyer UM100P

Meyer UM 1P / Meyer UM 100P

Narrow / Wide Coverage Stage Monitors

  • Flat frequency and phase response afford high levels of gain before feedback
  • The UM-1P offers a symmetrical, constant-Q horn for precise coverage with minimal interaction between adjacent units
  • The UM-100P offers a wide-coverage constant-Q horn, providing maximum freedom of movement for performers
  • High peak power ensures excellent transient response
  • Low-profile cabinet preserves sight lines
  • Built-in precision electronics eliminate the need for external crossovers and amplifiers
  • Vocal stage monitor
  • Monitor for keyboard and other instruments
  • Stage monitoring sidefill
  • Stage monitoring drum fill (in combination with USW-1P subwoofer)

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