Midas – Heritage 3000 Digital Mixing Console

Midas – Heritage 3000 Digital Mixing Console

The Midas Heritage 3000 console are 44 mono + 4 stereo configuration. It is suitable for at home, in the theatre, on stage or at front of house. Is unique, easy to use, three position switching system that changes the console's output functions according to the application.

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Features of the Midas Heritage 3000 Console 

Interchangeable Modules –

The Midas Heritage 3000 console is easily serviceable due to it’s fully modular design. Stereo modules can be easily swapped with mono modules in any input position within the frame.

Frame Sizes-

The Midas Heritage 3000 has a variety of different frame sizes from 24 to 64 input frames.

Improved XL4 Mic pre Amp-

The Midas Heritage 3000 features a new mic amplifier which further improves on the XL4 design giving a CMR improvement of +30dB whilst retaining the XL4’s constant HF bandwidth topology which assures excellent amplifiers stability, RF rejection and noise performance at all gains.


The warm, responsive and friendly four band fully parametric XL4 Equaliser design. Enough said.

Direct Outputs-

Every input module is fitted with a direct output as standard with its own level control and front panel switching which selects the source from pre / post equaliser.

24 Mix Sends-

The 24 mix sends can be easily configured dependant on the required application. Each pair of outputs can either be 2 audio sub groups or 2 aux sends or a stereo aux send (level / pan). These settings are memorised on power down.


Each channel has a half normalised fully balanced insert send and return point which can be switched in or out from the front panel and set as either pre or post equaliser.

Spacial Image System (SIS)-

Each input module is fitted with the Midas Spacial Image System (SIS™) for use with Left, Centre, and Right loudspeaker systems. When SIS is active, the unique image control rotary fader modifies the action of the pan control allowing the input to be fed into all 3 outputs. This can be particularly useful for distributing the load of high energy, centre panned sounds across all FOH loud speaker arrays.

VCA Groups and Mute Groups-

Each channel can be controlled by any combination of the 10 VCA master faders and 10 mute masters. Assignment of these busses can be under automation control. A safe switches can disconnect the channel from all mute groups and / or VCA control.

Link capability-

Direct inputs on all outputs allow the possibility to link consoles together or to a sidecar / extender.


As standard the 8 matrix outputs derive their signals from the 24 mix sends, left, right and mono masters creating a 27 X 8 matrix.


The automation system can store and recall up to 500 scenes. VCA sub group routing is automated as well as all input and major output mutes. Input channels and VCA sub group levels can be also controlled via the automation system.

Mechanical and Electronic Design Modules-

All modules are extruded to provide exceptional modular strength.

PCB Material-

Military specification PCB material (FR4).


Zinc plated steel chassis in 3 box sections to provide exceptional strength. The audio is separated from digital automation control by the steel chassis along the length of the console. Any interconnections between the two are filtered on both ends of the cable to ensure audio purity.

Faders- P&G faders used throughout.

Amp Design-

Low noise summing amplifiers.

Buss design-

Hum / noise cancelling busses.


High cost, hermetically sealed Alps potentiometers used throughout.


Tight tolerance resistors and capacitors used throughout. Stable circuitry design that banishes oscillation.


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