Midas PRO2 / PRO2C

Midas PRO2 / PRO2C

Midas PRO2 / Midas PRO2C is a live audio system providing a complete solution for any audio mixing and signal distribution application in a live sound.

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Midas PRO2 / Midas PRO2C

Main features and specification for Midas PRO2 / Midas PRO2C:

Please remember, the PRO2 is not just a console, it is a LIVE PERFORMANCE SYSTEM!

  • Available in 8-channel (PRO2C) and 16-channel (PRO2) versions
  • XL8-Style “Fast Zones”
  • Midas preamps, which accommodate easy passive splitting (optional DL431 mic pres give integral splits for connecting to analogue/digital consoles)
  • Offline editor
  • 156 inputs x 166 outputs (maximum capacity) point-to-point routing anywhere within the network
  • 56 mic/line inputs with Midas mic preamps
  • 64 simultaneous input processing channels
  • 32 analogue outputs (including 2 stereo local monitor outputs)
  • Monitor mixing is simple — master, matrix and aux buses can be routed directly from input channels with independent level control, giving 24 monitor mix buses
  • Traditional FOH subgroup mixing is simple — any/all aux buses can operate as post-channel fader and pan (aux gain fixed at unity)
  • Aux inputs have two modes of operation: effects return and input channel
  • Three AES3 outputs
  • Two AES3 inputs
  • Six AES50 on the Control Centre for I/O expansion and XL8 connectivity
  • 27 sample-synchronous, phase-coherent mix buses
  • Six multi-channel FX engines
  • Up to 28 Klark Teknik DN370 31-band Graphic EQs
  • Configurable “Area B”
  • Surround panning including 5.1, Quad and LCRS
  • Full-colour 15″ daylight-viewable display screen with DVI out
  • Eight VCA (Variable Control Association) groups
  • Six POPulation groups
  • 192 MCA (Mix Control Association) groups
  • Automation providing up to 1,000 scenes with snapshot save/recall capability and global edit, presets and show file archiving
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use routing via a GUI Patching screen
  • 96kHz 40-bit floating-point processing throughout
  • 100m bi-directional Cat-5e AES50 digital snake included (48 in x 16 out)
  • Stage I/O: DL251 48 in/16 out fixed configuration
  • Dual redundant hot swappable power supplies
  • Three year factory warranty

Additional I/O Box Options

  • DL431: 24 inputs in a five way split in a fixed configuration I/O
  • DL252: 16 inputs/48 outputs in a fixed configuration I/O
  • DL351: up to 64 inputs/64 outputs in a configurable I/O
  • DL451: up to 24 inputs/24 outputs in a configurable I/O


  • Klark Teknik DN9331 Rapide Graphic Controller
  • Klark Teknik DN9696 96-track High Resolution Audio Recorder
  • Klark Teknik DN9650 Network Bridge (MADI, Dante, Aviom, Ethersound, CobraNet)

System components (standard supply)

Midas PRO2 Live Audio System can be supplied in either a touring package or install package. In both packages the following is supplied as standard:

  • PRO2 Control Centre: PRO2 (16-channel) or PRO2C (8-channel).
  • DL251 Audio System I/O (1-off): 6U 19” rack unit that provides 48 mic/line inputs and 16 outputs.
  • Snakes and main cables etc.
  • To provide a complete audio system, the only other equipment required are mics, amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Touring package

  • In the touring package, Midas PRO2 is flight-cased. Also included are three 10 m cables bundled together and supplied on a reel as a ‘snake’ (single copper).

Install package

  • The install package includes short cables, and all the equipment is supplied in cardboard boxes.

Offline editor

  • The offline editor is an application that runs on a Mac and can create and edit shows compatible with any midas digital console.

Midas PRO2 is a mid-size mixing console and comes complete with a stage IO box and flight case. The console is designed to work for long periods, not just indoors but under harsh sunlight or near freezing conditions.

The console forms the core of the PRO2 Live Audio System, whose network carries both proprietary control data and open architecture AES50 digital audio, and uses readily available standard cabling and connectors. The PRO2 uses the reliable Linux operating system.

The PRO2 Live Audio System incorporates dual redundancy on mains power, facilitated by two mains inlets. Additional AES50-compatible sound processing products can be connected to the PRO2 to form extended distribution and mixing console “system”.

Midas PRO2 Control Centre, which forms an integral part of the PRO2 Live Audio System, was conceived by Midas to offer audio professionals high-performance audio equipment, designed to provide no-compromise sonic quality with a feature set that offers all essential facilities and functions. It represents the very best of British design and engineering combined with contemporary, efficient manufacturing methods, and will give you many years of reliable service.

Midas PRO2 is also available in minimum-footprint compact form Midas PR02C.

Midas PRO2C is essentially the same mixer, the only difference being the physical size of the user interface. The PRO2C features all of the facilities of its larger sibling, yet this 64 channel mixer is no larger than many 24 channel analogue consoles.

Although the PRO2 is designed for the traditional touring live sound environment, it is also ideal for medium-sized theatre, small house of worship installations and broadcast. So, being a truly multi-function console in the Midas tradition, the PRO2 is suitable for many applications, such as:

  • Live concert sound touring (medium and small scale productions).
  • Live concert sound fixed install (medium and small).
  • Live sound small theatre MON or FOH duties.
  • Live sound hose of worship MON or FOH duties.
  • Corporate work.
  • TV broadcast small outside broadcast (OB) truck.

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Glossary: Midas PRO 2, Midas PRO-2, Midas PRO2-C, Midas PRO2 C





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