Midas XL250

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For sale a used Midas XL250 Mixing Console in fair condition and price is for 1 x Mixer and includes 2 x XL2900 PSU's. Available direct from stock.

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Used Midas XL250 Mixing Console.

  • Price is for 1 x Mixer
  • Includes 2 x XL2900 PSU’s
  • Full working condition
  • Purchased from a professional audio company
  • Available direct from stock





Midas XL250 Mixing Console


Manufacturer's Description

The Midas XL250 Mixing Console is a multi-functionalî console and extremely flexible. It can be re-configured in seconds for applications such as in ear monitoring, wedge monitoring, combinations of both, front of house use and many more. The Midas XL250 Mixing Console - Features a new microphone amplifier giving excellent CMR, noise and distortion performance using a constant HF bandwidth topology assuring excellent amplifier stability and RF rejection at all gains. All inputs are fully balanced and are both differential and common mode impedance matched. The responsive control, character and sonic performance of the Legendary XL3 equaliser are maintained in full including parametric mid's and traditional Midas swept shelving treble and bass. Each channel has a half normalised fully balanced insert send and return point which can be switched in or out and positioned either pre or post equaliser from the front panel. Peak reading input meters monitor the pre fader signals and cover a 40dB range from +15dBu downwards in the 3dB steps with a signal present indicator at -25dBu. Every input module is fitted with a direct output as standard with its own level control and front panel switch to select either the pre fader signal or the pre-insert and pre-equaliser signal. This provides a valuable output feed for effects, broadcast or recording. Features for the Midas XL250:
  • 23 bus console: 2 mono aux, 16 stereo or mono configurable groups, 1 stereo master, 1 stereo AFL, 1 mono PFL
  • 8 Automute group buses
  • 73 XLR Inputs: 48 channel mic inputs, 20 group direct inputs, 3 solo bus inject inputs, 1 talk mic input, 1 talk bus inject input
  • 58 XLR outputs: 32 input channel direct outputs, 2 aux outputs, 16 configurable group outputs, 2 stereo master outputs, 3 solo outputs, 2 local outputs, 1 talk output
  • 62 peak program meters: 20 LED segments on Outputs, 11 LED segments on inputs
  • Dimensions: 1736mm x 1020mm x 260mm (70" x 41" x 11")
  • Weight: 29kg / 258lb

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