Midas XL3 Console

Midas XL3 Console

The Midas XL3 Console Live performance console is unique in providing one console which is equally suited to front of house or monitor applications. Its unparalleled facilities. In particular a total of 18 mix sends with routing to Mix outputs and Masters via 8 VCA groups.

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Midas XL3 Console

Uncompromised Quality-

Designed stringently for high end application, the Midas XL3 Console gives sound reinforcement rental owners and installation engineers a totally versatile console which can be used for any situation. The control surface is ergonomically designed with clearly marked colour coded controls for rapid identification. By sub-dividing the modules into logical zones, an engineer will be able to quickly and confidently understand the consoles functions and with Klark-Teknik’s input at every stage of the design, innovation is matched by sonic quality of the highest possible level.

The inputs-

Designed and extremely quiet input stage provides the subjective transparency demanded of a top class mixing console – whilst retaining excellent stability and common mode rejection, along with very low distortion.

The input metering-

This peak-reading meter receives signals from both the input gain stage and the equalisers output, registering whichever is the highest. It has a range of +/- 12dB in 3dB steps and a “signal present’ indicator with a threshold of -25dB. Since the channel insertion point is pre-equalisation, the metering will make it immediately obvious to the engineer if there is a disparity caused by an externally inserted device, extreme equalisation or incorrect setting-up of the control gain input.

The Equaliser-

The legendary Midas musical equalisation is, of course retained, but is enhanced with the Klark-Teknik equaliser accuracy to provide a sonically superb four band design which provides the best possible combination of both corrective and creative frequency control. The two parametric mid controls have ‘Q’ ranges of 1/6 to 2 octaves which overlap generously in the most critical region of the audio band.

The insert points-

Each channel has a pre-equaliser half-normalised fully balanced insertion send and return point which may be switched in or out. The return can also be used as an alternative OdBu line input. This feature is particularly useful for recording work where the insert returns may be used as tape inputs and the insert in/out functions as a record/mix switch. this method of operation can also be used to cover multiple stage set-ups in theatrical work.

Features for the Midas XL3
– Versatile for monitors and FOH
– Designed for high-end applications
– Quiet input stage
– Input metering
– Klark Teknik enhanced EQ
– Insert points
– Direct output option
– Mix group direct inputs
– Output metering
– 22 outputs for total flexibility
– Two-way matrix
– Master module
– 16 mixes plus direct to master
– VCA system
– Flexible mix group muting system
– Automute
– Solo/PFL
– Advanced communications system


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