Nexo Alpha

Nexo Alpha

Nexo Alpha Loudspeaker System is a high power Bass module that can be stacked or flown together in arrays with Alpha M3, M8 and S2 and AlphaE- M.

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Nexo Alpha

Main features and specification for Nexo Alpha:

Alpha Loudspeaker System uses one NEXO specified high power 18” LF driver on an innovative internal flare component manufactured of rigid honeycomb composites. This high efficiency design delivers extremely low distortion, coherent bass output from 40Hz to 230Hz. Is fully capable of operating without the S2 SubBass in applications where extreme LF performance is not required.

The Alpha Series is an extension of NEXO’s acclaimed Alpha System modular, compact, high power loudspeakers tailored for a wide range of touring and installed sound reinforcement applications, from clubs and theaters to large scale live events.

Like all NEXO products, the components are designed to work with advanced electronic processors, guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability of the highest standard.

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