Out Board LV12

Out Board LV12

Out Board LV12 is a Low Voltage Control Chain Hoist Controller designed to withstand the rigours of touring and staging life.

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Out Board LV12

Main features and specification for Out Board LV12:

  • Twelve channels of low-voltage control and 3-phase hoist power distro
  • Selectable Normal multichannel mode or Pickle mode
  • Industry standard Ceep (Socapex-style) control/power connectors. Optional trussmount C-Form Splitter Boxes
  • Input voltage phase indicators and reversal switch
  • Optional compact and ergonomic RC12 handset for remote control, with built-in Emergency Stop
  • Optional remote GO button, link-able across multiple units
  • Integral Emergency Stop button, link-able across multiple units. E-Stop circuit features automatic self-test function.
  • Internal sub-assemblies designed for optimum serviceability
  • Fully compliant with CE directives

Out Board LV-Series operates all Columbus McKinnon and most other Low-Voltage control hoists: 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-channel.

The LV12 chain hoist controller, one of our range of control system building blocks, is designed to withstand the rigours of touring and staging life. The LV12 is housed in a steel rack mount case
built with highly serviceable subassemblies, and offers the option of compact and ergonomic RC12 remote control handsets.

The LV12 is designed to operate twelve low-voltage controlled chain-hoist motors in staging and rigging applications. It features heavy duty connectors and controls housed in a compact 3U high 19″ rack mount chassis making it ideal for touring and fixed applications. The LV12 fully conforms to European EMC and LVD requirements.

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Glossary: OutBoard LV12, Out Board LV 12, OutBoard LV 12, Out Board LV-12, OutBoard LV-12


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