Philips Showline SL eStrip 10


We have for sale used Philips SL eStrip 10 RGBW LED Battens, these are all in good condition and the price shown is per single fixture.

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Used Philips SL eStrip 10 RGBW LED Batten.

  • Good condition
  • Price is per piece





Philips Showline - SL ePAR / SL eSTRIP / SL eSTROBE series


Manufacturer's Description

Philips Showline SL ePAR / SL eSTRIP / SL eSTROBE series of highly efficient, energy saving lighting effects fixtures.

Philips Showline SL ePAR 180

ideal energy saving replacement for halogen PAR luminaires
  • 21° beam angle
  • 4,400 lumens
  • 19 high power RGBW LEDs
  • Powerful blended output
  • Simple fixed beam angle for uniform performance
  • Compact lightweight construction
  • Color gel filter pre-set
  • LED and tungsten curves selection
  • HSIC, 8-bit RGBW, and 16-bit RGBW control

Philips Showline SL eSTRIP 10

ideal replacement for conventional MR16 strip lights
  • 22° beam angle
  • 2721 lumens
  • 10 homogenized RGBW LED units
  • Low power consumption - 150W maximum
  • Simple cost effective MR16 strip light replacement
  • 8 or 16-bit smooth stepless fades
  • Simple user interface
  • Remote configuration available via DMX512-A / RDM
  • Multiple mounting points allows for a variety of rigging positions

Philips Showline SL eSTROBE 130

  • 120° beam angle.
  • 28,000 lumens. 576 of 6500K LEDs.
  • Excellent active cooling design performs quietly and allows extended operation in full on mode - can be used as a flood.
  • Chase - strobe + duration effect engine.
  • LED and tungsten curves selection.
  • Exciting multi zone macro chases enable the quick creation of dynamic strobe effects.
  • DMX512-A / RDM.
  • Local LCD menu system.
  • 1 channel, 3 channels, 4 channels, 16-bit, and zone mapping control.
  • Compact lightweight construction

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