TC Electronic REVERB 6000

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TC Electronic REVERB 6000

TC Electronic REVERB 6000 is a high quality realtime effects signal processor that can be used for more than spatial effects.

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TC Electronic REVERB 6000

Main features and specification for TC Electronic REVERB 6000:

TC Electronic System 6000 is an industry milestone. It is a proven fact that processors have made a genuine leap forward during the past 10 years. System 6000 was honored with the prestigious TEC award in year 2000, but its software and processing capabilities have developed immensely since then. This development path offers System 6000 users a wealth of free additions and new license possibilities.

A System 6000 without additional licenses, AKA TC Electronic Reverb 6000, contains dozens of pristine reverb, delay and boundary effects for any format from mono, stereo, LCR, LtRt to 5.1 and 6.1. Among the hundreds of presets available, the Halls of Fame bank and the Skywalker Sound Collection provides presets created by some of the most respected people in the music and film industry. With internal double precision processing, superb jitter rejection and reference quality AD and DA converters, no other reverb on the planet comes close to the resolution and performance of Reverb 6000.

Clearly, a high quality realtime processor can be used for more than spatial effects. Numerous license extensions are available in order to turn the 6000 into a mastering processor, monitor matrix, format converter and much more. Upsampled limiters, multiband processors, up- and down-conversion, George Massenburg’s wonderful MDW Eqs and Pristine research-intensive processing a la carte can be used stand-alone or well integrated with large format consoles or digital workstations.

TC Electronic System 6000 Frame Upgrade

If you own one of the original System 6000, you have opportunity to upgrade your System 6000 frame to full MKII specifications. The upgrade package contains the following elements.

  • Brushed Alu Front
  • Internal Hardware Upgrade
  • LM6 Loudness Radar Meter
  • One More License of Your Choice
  • One Year Warranty

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Glossary: TC Electronic System 6000, TC Electronics System 6000 Reverb

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