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WE have for sale 12 VL4000 Spot in single flight case including brackets and hooks.

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12 in stock

Varilite - VL4000 range


Manufacturer's Description

Varilite Series 4000 luminaires are the latest generation of Vari-Lite luminaires from Philips Vari-Lite designed to provide designers, rental companies, venues and productions around the world with a complement of fixtures offering unlimited design possibilities. The series includes the models: VL4000 BeamWash and VL4000 Spot in Standard and Studio modes.
Lighting designers, directors and engineers use Series 4000 luminaires in productions around the world because they combine all the desired lighting features into two easy-to-use and state-of-the-art automated luminaires.

Varilite Series 4000 Luminaires: models VL4000 BeamWash and VL4000 Spot

All models

  • 1200W Philips MSR Gold FastFit
  • Infinity CYM cross fading system
  • 2 fixed color wheels; five positions each
  • Variable CTO color temp correction
  • Two gobo wheels; seven rotatable, indexable positions plus open
  • Dual coated glass dimmer flags
  • Dual blade strobe system
  • Beam size iris

Varilite VL4000 BeamWash

  • 43,000 lumens (Standard Mode)
  • 35,000 lumens (Studio Mode)
  • One animation wheel; rotating indexable pattern with variable motion control
  • Wash mode zoom range from 10° to 60° (6:1 optics system)
  • Beam mode zoom range from 4° to 40° (10:1 optics system)
  • Shaft mode zoom range from 4° to near 0°
  • 5-Facet Step Prism
  • Beam and Shaft mode indexing and rotating lenticular effect
  • Wash mode indexing and rotating beam shaping
  • 101 lbs (45.8 kg)

Varilite VL4000 Spot

  • 33,000 lumens (Standard Mode)
  • 25,000 lumens (Studio Mode)
  • Two animation wheels; rotating indexable patterns with variable motion control
  • Zoom range from 9° to 47°
  • 5:1 zoom optics system
  • 3-Facet Prism with divergence control
  • Variable Frost
  • 4-frame blade system with individually indexable frames and simultaneous focus on all blades +/- 50° system rotation
  • 90 lbs (40.9 kg)

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Flightcase – Single

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Yes – included in price




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