XTA C2 Dual Compressor


For sale used XTA C2 Dual Compressors that are all in good condition, price is per single piece.

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XTA C2 Dual Compressors, all in good condition.

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XTA - C2 Dual Digital Compressor

XTA C2 Dual Digital Compressor

Manufacturer's Description

The XTA C2 Dual Digital Compressor is a powerful DSP based audio dynamics processor, ideally suited for live sound applications, where it combines the accessibility and immediacy of a pure analogue design with the quality and accuracy of a digital design in a compact 1U unit. To achieve this, the XTA C2 Dual Digital Compressor has an analogue control surface, following the ‘one control – one function’ philosophy and a pure digital signal path, with 24-bit conversion, 40-bit internal processing and a professional 48kHz sampling rate. The C2 is also available with optional AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs.

Features for the XTA C2:

  • Look ahead attack available on the compressor for instantaneous control of transients
  • Automatic time constants which are intelligently adjusted depending on the setting of other controls (namely the sidechain EQ frequency when in De-EQ mode)
  • Sidechain EQ built-in for the compressor - switchable to lo/hi shelf and wide/narrow parametric, with variable stepped gain and high-resolution frequency adjustment.
  • De-EQ mode - an extension of traditional De-Essing where the sidechain filter band not only affects the sensitivity of the compressor at certain frequencies, but also only compresses around those frequencies. De-Essing, and De-Popping, and any other band reduction in power as required.
  • Digitally accurate metering with indication of closeness to compression threshold.
  • Independent limiter section with metering.
  • Stereo mode, where both channels are linked and track 100% accurately.
  • AES/EBU Digital input and output interfaces are available as an option.
  • Input and output balancing transformers are also available as an option

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