Yamaha 01V96


For sale a used Yamaha 01V96 Digital Mixer, this is in excellent condition and the price shown is for 1 x Digital mixer.

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Used Yamaha 01V96 Digital Mixer.

  • Excellent condition
  • Also price above is for 1 x Mixer





Yamaha - 01V96

Yamaha - 01V96 Digital Audio Console

Manufacturer's Description

The Yamaha 01V96 Digital Audio Console brings you the same performance and reliability in a smaller, more affordable format that's perfect for the home or smaller professional production studio.

The Yamaha 01V96 Digital Audio Console has a maximum 40-channel input capacity and can be cascaded for applications that require more. And, of course, 24-bit/96kHz operation is standard. Mixer functions and effects are all inherited from the top-of-the-line DM2000, so you know you're getting the best.

Cutting-edge performance, capacity, control, and compatibility- 01V96 fits comfortably in the small-studio space and budget while delivering sound, capacity, control, and compatibility on a par with much larger consoles.

24 analog & digital channel inputs, expandable to 40- Right out of the box the 01V96 gives you 16 analog channel inputs -- 12 with high-performance microphone head amplifiers, and 8 digital channel inputs via a built-in ADAT optical interface. T

20-bus configuration- The 01V96 offers a main stereo program bus, 8 individual mixing buses, 2 solo buses, and 8 auxiliary buses -- a total of 20 in all. This gives you plenty of signal-routing options to adapt to just about any mixing requirements.

Built-in ADAT optical interface The 01V96 comes with an industry-standard ADAT optical digital I/O interface built right in -- no options necessary. 99-scene memory- Complete console setups can be memorized and instantly recalled via the 01V96 scene memory controls. Memory is provided for up to 99 scenes.

Surround panning- Surround is becoming an important part of modern sound production. The 01V96 features 6.1, 5.1, and 3-1 surround panning modes so you can create surround mixes without having to sacrifice features or performance in other areas.

Studio manager software supplied- The 01V96 comes supplied with Yamaha's Studio Manager software application for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Refined user interface- Even the 01V96 user interface has evolved from the original 01V in many ways, now more closely resembling its big brothers, the 02R96 and DM2000.

Large LCD panel- The new 01V96 display is a high-resolution 320 x 240 dot LCD panel that provides easy visual access to all of the consoles functions and parameters.

Layer-switching for fast 32-channel + aux/bus fader access.

Fader Mode- The fader mode keys allow the 01V96 faders to be instantaneously switched between fader and auxiliary level control.

Display access- The display access keys determine which type of data will be shown on the LCD panel - a total of 12 selectable categories.

User-defined keys- These 8 keys can be assigned to control any functions you choose. Data entry- Large cursor, INC/DEC, and enter keys are complemented by a data entry dial that lets you spin in values quickly and easily. The data entry dial also doubles as a shuttle/scrub dial for recorder or DAW control. Analog input section- Most of the 01V96 input connectors are top-mounted for easy access in any application. Rear panel - The rear panel is home to balanced analog stereo and monitor outputs as well as 4 balanced "omni" outputs.
  • 24 analog & digital channel inputs expandable to 40
  • Precision 100-mm motor faders
  • 20-bus configuration
  • Built-in ADAT optical interface
  • Flexible digital patching
  • 99-scene memory
  • Integrated DAW control
  • Expandable data libraries
  • Top-quality compression, gating, EQ, and delay
  • Internal 96kHz effects
  • Cascade link capability
  • Surround panning
  • Studio manager software
  • User-defined keys
  • Scene memory
  • Layer-switching
  • Large LCD panel
  • Refined user interface

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