The Alesis Story

The Company started in 1980 with innovative semi-conductor chip technology and award winning industrial designs. It allowed entry level musicians and recording artists to afford professional studio recording products that were never affordable before.

1991 proved to be the ground-breaking year for Alesis, with the introduction of the ADAT Multi-Channel Digital Tape Recorder. In 2001, Jack O’Donnell acquired Alesis, and ever-since the company has delivered more solutions and value to musicians than ever before. Under his leadership the company ventured into producing the worlds most affordable analog mixers with built-in Digital Signal Processing. This an advanced yet affordable full line of electronic percussion products , as well as highly innovative and adaptable computer audio interfaces and controllers.

Alesis has revolutionized the music industry time and time again with their ground-breaking studio recording, electronic percussion, keyboard and live sound gear. They’re dedicated to creating gear that empowers musicians, producers and engineers at all skill levels to unleash their full creative potential at home, on-stage and in the studio.

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Showing all 4 results