Avolites, Creative Visual Control, Trusted by Professionals

Ian Walley, founded the Company in 1976. His nick name was Mr Avo, as he was always carrying an old Mode 8 Avo Meter on his belt.  This gave rise to the name of the company, Avolites.

The company has focused on, listened to and built upon end-user feedback which has allowed continual development and evolution of the product range.

In fact, their equipment utilises cutting-edge technology whilst retaining the accessible, intuitive, hands-on familiarity. Certainly this has made their products renowned.

They also believe ‘the people’ part of the equation is vital in ensuring their position as market leader is maintained. The creative, motivated and positive team, ensure the successful and progressive future for the company.

Mission Statement:

Avolites designs and manufactures inspirational functional tools for the entertainment lighting and video markets to the highest quality and best value to deliver their part in creating visual goals, whilst creating a sustainable organisation.

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Showing 1–16 of 50 results