Lab Gruppen


Kenneth Anderson and Dan Bavholm first met as schoolboys in Kungsbacka, Sweden. They both had a passion for electronics and would spend time honing their skills. Despite not having had any experience with audio or music, their friends introduced them to local musicians eagerly looking for quality equipment at a low cost. The result? A hand made mixing console – musical, durable, and costing less than any mass-produced models of the day.

Their intermittent manufacture of mixers and guitar amplifiers lead to the establishment of LAB GRUPPEN in 1979. The company was originally located inside a local hi-fi store where the duo serviced consumer equipment for additional income while developing new products such as the AXE-AMP and SS 300 power amplifier.

1980 Local Heroes

With the success of the SS 300 and SS 1000 from the Frankfurt Musik Messe, LAB GRUPPEN was able to move into their own redbrick building. They eventually became a significant exporter throughout Europe and attracted the attention of the local press.

In 2000 a large group of audio companies acquired the company. This led to further expansions and a move to LAB GRUPPEN’s current facility in Kungsbacka, Sweden.

MUSIC Tribe, parent company of British pro audio icons, acquires  the TC Group in 2015. Empowering such world-class brands to join forces opens up tremendous opportunities for industry-leading collaboration and customer solutions.

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