Where They Come From

Since 1973 Outline have been applying the Italian passion to the science of designing loudspeaker systems and associated technologies. The roots of the company lie with the founder Guido Noselli. He, as a young musician was dissatisfied with the audio quality. His ambition for sonic improvement coincided with the emergence of the disco scene and the subsequent demand for powerful, full-range loudspeaker systems. Outline was born. In 1976, Giorgio Biffi joined as International Sales Director. Giorgio’s commercial skills and abiding passion for great audio, combined with Guido’s design and engineering brilliance, enabled the company to flourish.

The 1970s also witnessed the start of the modern professional sound reinforcement business. Large music festivals grew in popularity alongside the development of what we now know as the international concert touring circuit. The need to deliver quality audio to ever-increasing numbers of people grew. Outline refined and developed many of the design concepts from their club-oriented products into sophisticated, portable loudspeaker systems for major events.

The headquarters in Brescia, near Milan in northern Italy, houses all the principal activities of the company. The manufacturing facility includes a large woodworking shop, as well as a modern metal fabrication centre and an own anechoic chamber. The electronics and software development facilities are all in-house, alongside the administration, sales, marketing and support departments.

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