The history

In 1991, seven people working in the field of connectivity decided to set up a team in charge of the production of assembled cables.

Few years later, PROEL was already a well-organised company and decided to create a “Made in Italy” Research, Design and Prototyping department.

In 2003 the challenge in the Lighting Industry begins. It reaches its peak with the acquisition of Sagitter, both as a brand and as a production matrix.

2007: PROEL speaks of Music at its highest level.

It acquires Turbosound Ltd, a leading British company in the field of Sound Reinforcement.

With the optimisation of the new production facility acquired in 2015, they have managed to fully adopt “Made in Italy” manufacturing.

PROEL continues its journey with passion and dedication, integrating and seizing the opportunities of a highly competitive and specialised market.

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Showing all 3 results