For over 25 years Digidesign has been a leader in the digital audio production sector. It has provided all the necessary tools for the creation, post production, sharing and distribution of audio to the industry of music, television, multimedia and film production on a professional level.

The innovative basic technologies continue to revolutionize the audio and recording sector to this day.

In 1995 Digidesign became a division of Avid® Technology, Inc. The world leader in the field of non-linear digital instruments for production, management and distribution of solutions for the film, video, audio, animation, video games and telecommunications.

Further, thanks to this union, Digidesign and Avid have assumed the leadership of the entire sector. They offer powerful and innovative integrated platforms for the creation, management and distribution of digital media. Moreover, Digidesign’s Pro Tools software is the most widely used creation tool within the entire community of audio professionals.

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Showing 1–16 of 48 results